Terms & Conditions for our weekly residential trash customers

Trash Pick Up

Your service can begin as soon as we receive your 1st months payment.

Cost : $35.00 a month (all customers are required to use our auto billing service).

NOTICE Due to rising costs and restrictions on dumping there are NO exceptions to the Rules.

Trash will be picked up on Tues mornings between 10am - 4pm Central Standard Time. Please have your trash outside on the curb where we can see it ( end of driveway, beside mailbox etc. )

All Items Must be bagged We CAN NOT take loose trash.

Special Needs Customers Please let us know if you need door service vs curb service as we are willing to do what we can to help.

Household trash must be bagged and be put in some sort of bin / Can with a lid.

Customers are allowed 1 96 gallon trash can a week or 8-9 30 gallon bags

You are Responsible for providing your own Trash cans / container with a lid (We are not responsible for picking up trash if animals tear it up overnight).

New customers are given 30 days to acquire a trash can or container with a lid.

Recycling PLEASE Recycle

Aluminum cans (required)

Please save all your cans and put them in a bin which can be emptied and reused or into a Separate trash bag beside your bin We will take unlimited bags of Aluminum cans for recycling.

Tin Cans (not required)

Although not required if you would like you may recycle these as well just put them in a separate bag as you would the aluminum cans.

Billing and Payment

We are a no Hassle, no fuss type of service. You can stop service or cancel at anytime we ask that you just give us two weeks notice. Without notice you forfeit any refund for the remainder of the month.

Prices / Billing

Weekly Trash pick up is a flat $35.00 a month. We do not charge a gas fee.

Auto billing is the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to pay your bill each month and for us to receive your payment. You never have to worry about being late, missing an invoice and can avoid service interruptions.

Payment Schedules

Monthly payments are $35.00 and are due based on the day you set up the auto billing arrangement. Payment for the current month must be paid for service to begin.

We ask that you please provide your e-mail address so we can send you reminders and notices and newsletters.

Non Payment

If we receive notification that your payment did not go through you will be notified and our billing system will try again in 5 days. If the payment does not go through a 2nd time we will attempt to notify you that there is a problem and your service will stop. Service can only begin again once your account error is corrected and a payment is made.

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