The holiday season is the most stressful season, so be sure to follow these tips for easy de-cluttering. Most of us have been sheltering in place this year, which means we have had to bring work and school home with us. With so much under one roof, it is no wonder that life can seem a bit messy. Get ready to clear that clutter.

Tips For Decluttering

Step 1: Get Your Ducks in a Row.

First things first, make a game plan. Tasks often seem daunting when they first occur to us. When you spend so much time working from home, how will you ever find the time to clean it? This is the importance of a list. Organize your thoughts and write down which rooms you need to clean, how thorough you want to be, and what you need to do with your junk.

Step 2: Establish Your Time Commitment

De-cluttering a space is time consuming and physically demanding. Most people don’t have the energy and the time to move everything themselves, waiting weeks for their junk to be hauled away during weekly garbage pick-ups. Figure out whether or not you can do this by yourself, will have to rent a dumpster, or completely delegate this task by hiring an efficient Murfreesboro junk removal company.

Step 3: Start With Something Easy.

You’ve de-cluttered your mind, and now you are ready to de-clutter your home. While de-cluttering an entire house can be overwhelming, you can avoid burning out early by de-cluttering one room at a time. Start with your bedroom, that sanctuary of peace. This may be as easy as making your bed and cleaning out your wardrobe. There are plenty of options in Murfreesboro where you can donate unwanted or outgrown clothes next time you run out for errands.

Step 4: Work From The Inside Out.

Most of us hoard belongings in our attics and basements. Forgotten objects that held memories are now doing nothing more than collecting dust and getting shuffled around. If you’ve identified a handful of big ticket items, chances are you will want to hire a Murfreesboro junk removal company to take care of this for you. Murfreesboro companies like Get My Trash will do exactly that. Imagine hauling all your junk away without lifting a finger. You can contact Get My Trash here.

Step 5: De-Clutter Your Living Space.

You’ve tidied your bedroom, cleansed your house’s roots of junk, and now it is time for a face lift. Common areas like kitchens, living rooms and offices are high traffic and often collect a lot of debris. Debris ranging from your children’s legos on the carpet to your jackets piled up on a chair. Chances are, this isn’t junk you want to get rid of. Give your house a pick me up by reorganizing this overflow and finding a space for everything to belong to.

Step 6: Give Everything a Home.

Return those jackets piled up in your living room to the closet. Put all your childrens’ toys in a chest. The opposite of clutter is organization. Keep yourself organized by having appropriate storage for all your belongings. Invest in a toy chest, closet organizers and dressers. The rule is; If you plan on keeping it, plan on storing it.

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Step 7: Stay On Top Of Your Clutter.

A little bit of cleaning will go a long way. Now that you have had your junk removed and reorganized your living space, you might think that your job is done. And while all the heavy lifting work is done, you will have to do a little bit every day to keep your space clean. Those high traffic, common areas, attract clutter like a black hole. It may seem harmless to walk past something on the floor on your way to the kitchen, but over the next day or two, you will find yourself overwhelmed by a mess, yet again. Cleaning up a little each day will keep your mess at bay.

De-Cluttered and De-Stressed

It’s not easy being a homeowner. No matter how much space you have, a mess will always find a way. Now more than ever, it’s important to keep your space at home de-cluttered. Many of us are housing much more than our personal lives under our roofs now, which means clutter is inevitable. With Covid-19 and the cold weather keeping us inside, it is the perfect time to work on yourself by working on your home. 

By de-cluttering your home, you will create an open and welcoming holiday atmosphere. If de-cluttering your home seems too intimidating to handle yourself, remember you can call professionals to give you a helping hand. Reaching out to a trustworthy junk removal company like TN Murfreesboro junk removal Get My Trash may be the easiest tip for de-cluttering your home this holiday season.

We hope that this post presented some easy decluttering tips for the holiday season and we wish you the best.