Nail Down Your New Year Junk Removal Plan By Getting Rid Of These 10 Things Now

Your new year junk removal plan: 10 things to get rid of now starts right here. So often we find ourselves collecting junk, thinking we will want to use it again when the time is right. More often than not, later becomes never. Keep your head and your home clean by finding these 10 things around your home that you can live without.

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1. Old Clothes

Fashion might be cyclical, but that doesn’t mean your taste is too. More often than not, homeowners discover that over 50% of their dresser and closet contents have not been worn in years. Clothes are bought, handed down, and gifted, and it is too rare that we clear out our spaces to make room for the newest additions. Go through your clothes and make bags for donation or rubbish. If you’re getting rid of a huge heap of stuff, don’t be afraid to call a junk removal service or to rent a dumpster.

Quick Tip: If you have trouble identifying clothes that you like, organize your closet in a way so that each time you wear a piece of clothing, you return it with the hanger facing in. After months go by, it is safe to say good-bye to every piece of clothing with a hanger facing out.

2. Table Toppers And Paper Weights

Small action figures, miniature statues, popular collectibles, all make for great stocking stuffers and gifts. That also means they make for clutter. Over the years, people collect small trinkets that are bought and gifted and keep them on windowsills, desks, dressers, etc. Any space with a surface invites clutter when homeowners attempt to display every miscellaneous item they acquire. Open up space at home by clearing your counter and tabletops of these little chotchkies. 

3. Forgotten Toys

For those of you who have children, or just like to hold on to nostalgia, chances are you have old toys tucked away that are no longer used. As much as you would like to hold on to those memories, their presence takes up space in your home and your mind. Keep those memories without keeping those toys. After years, they aren’t worth anything more than memories, which you will keep with you as long as you can. Let these toys bring someone else joy this holiday season by finding a local resale shop to donate them to.

4. Finished And Outdated Books

Reading is one of the greatest mental exercises you can do to maintain mental prowess and longevity. Most homeowners admit to having books that collect nothing else but dust, from finished novels to old textbooks. Unless you are an avid reader, these books will go the rest of their days without being reread. If you are not collecting to house a library, clear your home of books like these.

5. Out-Dated Dishware

Dishware is something homeowners can expect to use every day. Kitchens easily get filled to the brim when reusing and repurposing emptied food containers to collections of miscellaneous Tupperware. Most of these containers don’t have lids and can be easily discarded or recycled.

Dishes and silverware collect as well. Those who have families and host often know that dish sets often become separated and how friends and family members leave forgotten dishes in your possession. Clean out kitchen cabinets of all the mismatched and incomplete sets.

6. Worn Linens

Linens like sheets and towels are essential around the house. New, clean towels to dry and refresh after showering and smooth sheets to sleep on make a house feel like a home. It is important to keep your home clean by frequently rotating old linens out of your house or into repurposed roles.

Repurposing Tip: Cut up old towels into handy rags and keep old sheets and pillowcases to use for quick and easy table covers

7. Expired Foods

Do not leave your kitchen without purging your storage of forgotten and expired foods. So often we find ourselves pushing cans to the side of the cabinet or produce and perishables to the back of the fridge. To no surprise, these foods are forgotten about, as they are out of sight and out of mind. Cleaning the kitchen of all the aged and outgrown tastes can make spending time in the kitchen a lot more welcoming.

8. CDs and DVDs

What do we even have these for still anymore?! Most laptops and cars nowadays omit CD and DVD receptacles. As technology advances, so do the mediums in which we keep our entertainment. It’s 2020, and now all the music, TV shows, and movies we can ever want are all digital. Empty all those boxes of hard copy media and get rid of anything you already have at the push of a button.

9. Stored Furniture

Go into basements, attics, and crawl spaces and get rid of all of that bulky furniture that you do not have room for. Many people enjoy the feel of open spaces and minimalistic living. This means having no more than needed. If you have any furniture stored away, it is not doing any good for you and your guests. Make room for more memorable possessions by selling or donating the bulky furniture overtaking the space in your storage areas.

Consider hiring a company for appliance removal or furniture removal to deal with bulky objects. For a more DIY approach to your junk removal, you can also hire a dumpster rental company.

10.  Old Home Decor

Decorating a space turns a house into a home. Like the seasons, tastes change and consequently, so does the way you decorate your home. Homeowners frequently hold on to old decor, thinking that they may reuse or redecorate come next year. That thought is a mistake that causes clutter. Small boxes of seasonal decor become big totes of home goods. Throughout homeownership, you will go through phases of tastes and often only move forward. Keep yourself from cluttering your space by minimizing frequent acquisition of home decor and getting rid of the old decor.

Keep Clear Of Clutter

Keep your home clean this upcoming year by getting rid of unwanted junk now! The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to get rid of your junk economically and gratefully. Initiate your new year Murfreesboro junk removal plan: 10 things to get rid of now, by gifting, or donating, these items to others.